Women, Gender & Sexuality is an interdisciplinary department in which students study gender and sexualities with an emphasis on transnational perspectives.

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Doug Meyer, Assistant Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality

May 21, 2020 -- Bridget Murphy

Congratulations, WGS majors and minors!  As you graduate, think of your WGS degree as helping to prepare you for life beyond your undergraduate education.  While those voices questioning your choice in WGS may be powerful, feel confident that your WGS degree has helped prepare you for life after graduation.  WGS students are particularly good at questioning and troubling standard modes of practice - think about your WGS training as providing you with these exemplary critical thinking skills.  Oh, and try to celebrate - congrats, you made it!   

Lanice Avery, Assistant Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality and Psychology

May 21, 2020 -- Bridget Murphy

Angela Davis said, "It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism." Remember the powerful collectives that you formed during your time at UVA, and let them nourish you as you venture off into new worlds. We are our greatest asset in the face of injustice. I will keep fighting for your liberation, opportunities, health, and success and I know you will keep fighting for mine. Congratulations and welcome to the next edition!

Lisa Speidel, Assistant Professor, General Faculty of Women, Gender & Sexuality

May 21, 2020 -- Bridget Murphy

It is OK to take time to figure out what you want to do in life! Keep researching and learning! There are many opportunities to use your knowledge from WGS, such as reproductive justice,  LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism work, or fighting against sexual and domestic violence. And remember, if you ever feel like you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito! You all rock! Congratulations! 


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WGS is thrilled to announce that Dr. Tiffany King will be joining us this fall as Associate Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality! 

In fall 2022, she will assume the Barbara and John Glynn Research Professorship in Democracy and Equity. 

“Pretty hurts”: Acceptance of hegemonic feminine beauty ideals and reduced sexual well-being among Black women