Complete List of WGS Courses

Complete List of WGS Courses

This is a complete list of all the WGS classes that have been offered in recent years. Download a PDF of this list here.

You can also view this in SIS by going to Find Classes > Browse All Classes > Undergraduate > Women, Gender & Sexuality.

1000 Level

WGS 1510 Topics in Women, Gender & Sexuality

2000 Level

WGS 2100 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGS 2125 Race & Power in Gender & Sexuality

WGS 2224 Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media

WGS 2500 Topics in Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 2559 New Course in Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 2600 Human Sexualities

WGS 2700 Men and Masculinities

WGS 2800 Politics of Motherhood

3000 Level

WGS 3100 Intro to WGS Theory

WGS 3125 Transnational Feminism

WGS 3200 Women, Gender and Sports

WGS 3210 Gender, Sport & Film

WGS 3220 Global Perspectives on Gender & Sport

WGS 3230 Gender and the Olympic Games

WGS 3240 Gender, Race and Sport: A History of African American Sportswomen

WGS 3305 Issues in LGBTQ Studies

WGS 3310 Queer American History

WGS 3409 LGBTQ Issues in the Media

WGS 3500 Research and Methods in Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 3559 New Course in Women, Gender and Sexuality

WGS 3600 Pleasure Activism Across Time

WGS 3611 Gender and Sexuality in the United States, 1600-1865

WGS 3612 Gender and Sexuality in the United States, 1865-Present

WGS 3680 Eve’s Sinful Bite: Foodscapes in Women’s Writing Culture and Society

WGS 3750 Women, Childhood, Autobiography

WGS 3770 Women Writers: Women on Women

WGS 3897 Gender Violence and Social Justice

WGS 3900 Gender & Sexuality in Islamic Culture

WGS 3993 Independent Study

4000 Level

WGS 4101 Issues in Women’s Autobiographies

WGS 4110 Gender Non-Conformity in Media Culture

WGS 4200 Sex and Gender Go to the Movies

WGS 4450 Violence Against Sexual Minorities

WGS 4500 WGS Capstone

WGS 4559 New Course in Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 4610 LGBTQ Communities: Race, Class, Gender

WGS 4730 Global Perspectives on Men and Masculinities

WGS 4750 Global History of Black Girlhood

WGS 4800 Queer Theory

WGS 4810 Feminist Theory

WGS 4820 Black Feminist Theory

WGS 4840 Gender Politics in Africa

WGS 4900 Black Geographies in the Americas

WGS 4998 Women, Gender & Sexuality Senior Thesis I

WGS 4999 Women, Gender & Sexuality Senior Thesis II



Comprehensive List of WGS _559 Classes

WGS 2559

Black Women in Nineteenth-Century America

Women's Lives in Myth and Reality

Women and Islam

Gender Death & Dying

Gender and History

Multiculturalism and Women's Rights

Food and Gender

Gender and Society

Women's Reproductive Health in Developing Countries

Feminism Now: Its Practice and Reception

Women and Mourning

Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Women in Social Media in the Middle East and South

Body Activism Using Social Media

Gender and Environmental Justice

Gender and Multiculturalism

Gender, Body Image and Social Activism

Muse & Memory: Women in 20th Century Russian Lit

Sex, Gender and Culture

Human Sexualities

Girls and Development in the Dominican Republic

Prevention of Gender Based Violence: Theory and Practice

Women's Center Senior Internship

Race & Power in Gender & Sexuality

WGS 3559

Queer Theory

Gendered Partitions

Transnational Feminisms

Border Crossings: Women, Islam and LIterature

Men and Masculinities

Gendering the Global South in Popular Media

Geographies of Desire: Race, Gender, Place, Identity

African-American Women in 20th Century Visual Arts

Women and Development

Gender, Class, Race, and Social Change

Women's Autobiographies: Memoirs of Activism

African-American Women in Fine Arts

Transformative Feminism(s)

Intersectionality & Women

Women & Architecture

Sexuality and Sport

American Women during the Cold War Era

Gender and Sexuality in Fashion and Film

Multiculturalism and Social Justice

New Topic Course on Gender and Media

Women, Sport and Film

Ecofeminism: An Introduction

LGBTQ Issues in Media

Ecofeminism: Women, Animals, and Nature

Gender, Sport & Film

Global Feminisms

Women & Poverty

Gender and Multiculturalism

Women and War

Examining Gender Based Violence

Global Perspecctives on Gender & Sport

Sexuality and Society

Culture and Women's Rights

The Harem & Sexuality

Women, Politics and the Visual Arts

Incarcerated Women

The Life and Poetry of Forugh Farrokhzad

Queer American History

Gender and the Olympic Games

Foodscapes in Women's Writing, Culture and Society

Gender & the African-American Experience in Sports

My Body, My Choice: Women's Rights in Modern Italy

Queer European History

Women and Music

Ethnography of Gender and Sexuality

Gender Violence Prevention: Theory and Practice

Women at Work

Binaries: Global Epistemologies & Feminist Perspectives

Italy on Screen: Sex, Gender & Racial Identities

Black Women's Writing & Rhetoric

Men, Women, and U.S. Politics

(En)Gendering Black Popular Culture

TV Series in Italy & the Globe: Sex, Gender, Society

The Politics of Motherhood

Women's Health

Reproductive Justice

A History of American College Women

Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Cultures

Feminism, Capitalism, & Alternatives

Pleasure Activism Across Time

Feminist and Queer Art in the Caribbean


Sex and Resistance on the Internet

Transgender Studies in America

WGS 4559

Gender and Risk

Freedom of Movement Cross-Cultural Perspective

Protest Cultures

Women's Literature of the World

Gender-Based Violence

Gender Non-Conformity in Media Culture

Issues in Women's Autobiographies

Gender and the Body in Society

Gender, Poetry & Mindfulness

LGBTQ Communities: Race, Class, Gender

Incarcerated Women

Violence Against Sexual Minorities

Violence and Inequality

Gender and Sexuality in South Asian Cinema

Gender, Oppression, & Social Change

Gender and the Olympic Games

The Drama of Marriage in Early Modern Spectacle

Global History of Black Girlhood

Gender & Nationalism in the Middle East

Power, Violence, Inequality & Women in the Global South

Latina and Latin American Women Artists

Islam & Feminism

Black Feminist Thought

Gender & Sexuality in Islamic Cultures

Indigenous Women & Globalization

Global Perspectives on Gender and Popular Music

Gender and Colonialism


Race, Gender and Sport

Global Perspectives on Gender

Should Women Vote? History of Suffrage & Anti-Suffrage

Man's Home Is His Castle: Housing & Gender 1865-Present

Global Gender and Art

Global Perspectives on Men and Masculinities

A Global History of Aging, Gender & Sexuality

Global Histories of Intimacies

Intersectionality: A US History