Karl Shuve

Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies
PO Box 400126
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4126

Selected Publications:

“The Episcopal Career of Gregory of Elvira” Journal of Ecclesiastical History (to appear April 2014).

“The Patristic Reception of Luke and Acts: Scholarship, Theology and Moral Exhortation in the Homilies of Origen and John Chrysostom”, in Issues in Luke-Acts (ed. S. Adams and M. Pahl; Gorgias Press, 2012), pp. 263-86.

“Irenaeus’ Contribution to Early Christian Interpretation of the Song of Songs”, in Irenaeus and His Traditions (ed. P. Foster and S. Parvis; Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2012).

“Origen and the Tractatus de Epithalamio of Gregory of Elvira” Studia Patristica 50 (Leuven: Peeters, 2011), pp. 189-203.

“Cyprian of Carthage’s Writings from the Rebaptism Controversy: Two Revisionary Proposals Reconsidered” Journal of Theological Studies 61/2 (2010), pp. 627-43.

“Entering the Story: Origen’s Dramatic Approach to Scripture in the Homilies on Jeremiah” Studia Patristica 46 (Leuven: Peeters, 2010), pp. 235-40.

“The Doctrine of the False Pericopes and Other Late Antique Approaches to the Problem of Scripture’s Unity”, inPlots in the Pseudo-Clementine Romance (ed. F. Amsler et al.; Prahins, Switzerland: Éditions du Zèbre, 2008), pp. 437-45.