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Congratulations Matthew!

Led by WGS affiliates David Getsy and Cole Rizki, the working group will “have two main foci: first, to discuss the role of global history within transgender studies and, second, to encourage development of curricular and research activities in transgender studies at the University of Virginia. The working group will engage in research exchanges among members and develop public-facing programs in Spring 2023 to incite interdepartmental and interdisciplinary conversations.”

Becoming Strong: Sociocultural Experiences, Mental Health, & Black Girls' Strong Black Woman Schema Endorsement

Please join the WGS Department in congratulating Lanice Avery, who has a new paper out in the Journal of Research on Adolescence (a top-tier developmental science journal). 

As she reports, the journal decided to spotlight their article on their webpage and social media, and invited them to write a blogpost for the article and do a video interview with the Society for Research on Adolescence team to help them further disseminate their findings to developmental scientists. 

Congratulations, Lanice!



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