Farzaneh Milani, Professor of Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures and Women, Gender & Sexuality

May 21, 2020 -- Bridget Murphy

Dear graduating students, we, in the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, are proud of you and your accomplishments. You never lost sight of your scholarly goals, yet at the same time, you continued to be some of the most socially conscious and politically alert students at this university. We salute your commitment to the welfare of the world we live in. We admire your unflinching dedication to the creation of a non-violent world for all. Go on, my friends, be a seeker after knowledge and enlightenment, after compassion and justice. Dream with your eyes wide open, and lead us to a more equitable world. Lead us to a safer place where we embrace our full humanity regardless of nationality, gender, race, faith, sexuality, or class. Lead us, my friends, to the shore of dignity, justice, and peace for all.